24th Symposium on Chemical Education and Science Education at the University of Bremen, June 01-03, 2018

"Building bridges across disciplines for transformative education and a sustainable future"


The symposium was titled Building bridges across disciplines for transformative education and a sustainable future”. Already in the past, the Dortmund-Bremen-symposia on science education focused the question of how science education research can help to improve chemistry and science teaching and learning, and also which are the objectives to be followed. In recent years, debate on the challenge of the sustainable development of our future added another dimension towards this discussion. This was already the focus of the 2014 symposium in Bremen. We live in times of continuing challenges of transforming today's world for a sustainable future. This is a challenge or all domains of learning science and beyond. The title of the 2018 symposium Building bridges across disciplines for transformative education and a sustainable future is suggested to provoke the participants for debate and answers towards these challenges. The main questions addressed will include:.

Thus, the symposium addressed the following questions :

-       What do we mean by transformative education and how does it go beyond education for sustainability?

-       Which curricula and pedagogies are available to start transformative education and what do we know about their effects?

-       What do we know from research about fostering and hindering factors concerning the implementation of transformative education for a sustainable future?

-       What do we know about attitudes, motivation and PCK of practicing concerning sustainability issues and transformative learning?

-       How is science teacher training for transformative education operated and what do we know about the development of teachers competencies in successfully applying corresponding practices in science classes and beyond?

-       Which research-based strategies do we have for implementing transformative practices into science teaching and in interdisciplinary approaches?

-       What consequences does the interdisciplinary nature of most sustainability issues has for transformative educational practices?

-       Which role might the informal and non-formal educational sector play to support transformative education?


Proceedings were published in 2018 by Shaker Publishing Aachen