17th Symposium on Chemical Education at the University of Dortmund, 3 - 5 June 2004

"Quality in Practice-Oriented Research in Science Education"

Within the 16th Symposium on Chemical Education held at the University of Dortmund in May 2002 the question was discussed: "Research in Chemical Education - What does this mean?". With a lot of interesting contributions from different European countries answers were given setting up a frame for an intense discussion. These answers covered, e.g., questions of different research paradigms and their connection, suggestions for closing the gap between research and practice or how to make research valuable for practical change.

In the 17th Symposium on Chemical Education at the University of Dortmund in June 2004 these discussion were forwarded. Here a point of main emphasis laid on research which is closely related to practice as well as on practice change. In this frame aspects were central dealing with questions of what quality means in this frame and how quality can be ensured. Questions of main emphasis were:

- What are criteria for quality in practice-oriented research in science education?
- How can science education research help to improve quality in science education in schools?
- Which role may Action Research and related strategies of research play in this frame?
- What are examples of good practice in this area of research?
- How is the acceptance of respective projects as 'research' in different countries within Europe?

Proceedings were published in 2004 by Shaker Publishing Aachen